Account Director at Wunderman


+45 2024 5092


Celine had an early start in her career as she has worked part-time besides her studies at CBS since the day she started her bachelor degree until she graduated her masters in 2012.  A career that started out in the fashion industry working with sales, PR and marketing, but later naturally led her to switch to the agency side. The red thread always being the search for the next challenge, which also motivated her to participate in L’Oréal’s acknowledged Brandstorm case competition, where her team won the Scandinavian Finals. Today, Celine works as an Account Director at Wunderman – one of the leading digital and CRM agencies in the world. Sitting with the daily account responsibility for a global luxury brand offers many daily challenges, where one of her core competence of bridging the interests between the company, the client and the consumers comes in very handy. Her daily focus is to deliver business value to her clients by leveraging relevant consumer insights and exploiting the new technologies and their possibilities for creating a relationship between a company and its customers.

Celine has worked with a variety of accounts such as LEGO, Samsung, Grundfos, DSB, Telenor and Bang & Olufsen.

Why More Institute?

“Since the first time I heard of More Institute, I knew in my gut that this was something I wanted to be part of – because I truly believe that what More Institute stands for is very important. As an aspiring young leader I am learning early on in my career the importance of balancing all the inspiration and advice you get from your mentors, meanwhile keeping your integrity and a will to do things your way. For me personally More Institute is a forum where I can gain diverse inspiration from extremely talented women and openly talk about the challenges we face – including when we all inevitably make mistakes. I believe a forum such as this is absolutely crucial for your growth as a professional – especially when you are continuously pushing your limits and living on the edge of your comfort zone. In a broader sense I hope that More Institute can inspire other professionals out there to courageously follow their ambitions and help spread the message that we need to learn to stand on the shoulders of each other. This is in my opinion the only way we will ever reach our highest potential.”


MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Marketing Communication Management

BSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication

Exchange at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (courses in social science, communication, economics, and marketing).



Online Project Manager with Mannaz


+45 6022 1102


Ida has gained practical experience with social behaviour within diversity in culture and gender through her work as a teacher at Creche e Escola in Bahia, Brazil. In continuation with this, she researched upon the construction of gender within the Brazilian education system in Maranhâo, Brazil.
Her leadership experience includes the position as a Chairman of the organisation Develop. In 2009, she was a speaker at two international conferences about leadership. First in May at the “BMDA Leadership Sustainability – Global Outlook and Regional Sustainability” and later on at the conference about “Sustainable Leadership – in the area of Climate Change” hosted by CBS and the United Nations – Principles of Management Education, in November 2009.
Throughout her study she is specialized within Sustainable Business and CSR, which area she still is working on by helping companies document and communicate through Online Videos and Social Media.

Why More Institute?

“I became a part of More Institute, because I find it very important to create an environment, where aiming high is natural. By joining More Institute, I am among top talented and high performing females, where we can inspire and create a framework that is able to change and navigate the debate about females and leadership – by creating awareness about the challenges and prejudices within the societal public discourse.
I believe that it is crucial that ambitious young females organize networks and connect, share and discuss their knowledge and experience. I am personally very interested in creating awareness about how to develop our potential and how to create a work-life balance, where ambitious professional goals are combined with the good pleasurable life. Role models are essential – which is also why we have created a mentor program, which enables females to be inspired by each other, share knowledge and develop leadership potential within all areas of their life”.


Online Media/Web TV at Danish School of Media and Journalism

M.Sc. in Business Administration and Psychology – specialised in Leadership, CSR & Innovation, Copenhagen Business School. Open University – Financial Accounting, Marketing and Microeconomics, Copenhagen Business School.

MA(ed) in Educational Psychology at Aarhus University/DPU. BA in Social Education.



Client Service Director at UncleGrey


+45 2221 9182


Josephine comes from a strong background within advertising, and knows how to build strong brands. Josephine now works as a Client Service Director at one of Copenhagen’s most recognized advertising agencies, UncleGrey. Former, she has been 8 years at Bates Y&R advertising agency. During her full time job at Bates Y&R, Josephine completed the Diploma program at CBS, and together with her former experience – this background provides her with the best skills within advertising.

Josephine has managed accounts for clients such as The Danish Road Safety Council, Telenor Denmark, Danish Lottery Games and SOS Children Villages, and is currently managing clients such as Bolia.com, Canon Nordics and Arla Foods.

Why More Institute?

“More Institute is an eye opener and great inspiration for ambitious young women, who are willing to fight, and work hard, to reach the top of the career ladder. I get inspired from women in other industries with different perspectives and business challenges. More Institute gives me strength, courage and support to take the next significant step in my career.”


HD in Economics and Marketing from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark, 2011.



Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Operations Excellence


+45 22928116


Lola works as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting in the service line Operations Excellence. She is a part of the welfare team working principally with developing, implementing and evaluating new solutions and policies in the social and employment sector for both government and municipalities. Besides having developed strong analytical and process management skills within consulting, Lola is skilled in political strategy and communications from her previous experiences, working amongst other for the Social Democrats Parliamentary Group and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. She has particular expertise and interest in national and international public administration and in the challenges and development of the public sector and the welfare state.

Why More Institute?

“More Institute for me is equal part supporting, inspiring and challenging each other to be the best possibly version of ourselves career wise. Being supported, inspired and challenged are essential for young professionals who want to succeed – not the least for young professional women, who are sometimes faced with particular challenges and choices connected to being a women who wants to aim high and move forward. Another crucial aspect is the idea behind More Institute of working together, sharing network and encouraging each other to do more as young professional women instead of fighting every battle alone or even against each other. Last but not the least, I have been fortunate to have strong female role models in my work life that have been crucial for my career path and personal development. By being a part of More Institute as a group of strong and competent women, I hope to aspire to be a role model myself.


M.Sc. Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

B.Sc. Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

Studies at McGill University, Montreal, Department of Political Science, 2011



Ghost writer, journalist and editor at Skriveværkstedet.


+ 45 4160 1062


Mette is an independent partner of Skriveværkstedet, focusing on books, the publishing industry and journalism and having her own portfolio of clients. Mette has written 10 books – 8 of them as a ghost writer. In the summer 2012 her seventh book was published at Gyldendal Business: “Myter om magten – om kvinder i topledelse”, which is a debate book about women in leadership.

Being a ghost writer means that Mette writes other people’s books. She has great experience with biographies, true life stories and debate books. Based on her writing experience she also assists other writers and authors as an advisory or editing part in the process of optimizing their scripts — both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to that she teaches writing courses in Copenhagen and Jylland. And she is behind quit a few promotional strategies within the publishing world.

In 2010 her own biography “Viljepigen – for ung til kræft” was published. It tells the story about her cancer diagnose when she was a teenager. Today Mette is healthy and her book was very well received by the media. Since the publishing Mette has given all most 100 speeches all over the country sharing her story and experience about her youth with cancer — and life afterwards. In 2012 she was named Fighter of the Year at Stafet for Livet in corporation with Kræftens Bekæmpelse. In 2015 her book is being published in the US.

Mette also uses her journalistic background. She advises companies and organizations in strategic external communication, and every month you can read her column, reviews of the latest business books and not least a portrait of a business woman in the magazine Business Traveller.

Why More Institute?

” When writing the book about women in leadership, I got insights from a world most people only hear whispering rumors about. I talked to currently and formerly high performers women AND men, who honestly and from each of their perspectives showed me what the fuzz about women in leadership is all about. Now the book is out, and I wish to debate the theme and take a staying part of that world as I climb the carrier lack myself to achieve my own professional goals. Giving and having the right support on the way up is a determining factor as well as role models, mentoring programs and professional networks. All that More Institute provides the framework for. Being in a network with other young ambitious women gives me the opportunity to live out my professional dreams with the optimal advisory board behind me — and I get the chance to be in the advisory board for ten other ambitious members.”


Humanities at Roskilde University. 
Strategic communications at the Danish School of Media and Journalism
. Studies of PR in the publishing industry at SIMI at Copenhagen Business School.



Independent Consultant and Advisor in Digital Strategy


+45 28 53 66 33


Mia is today working with digital business development and strategy in her own company Red Pill Data and dedicates a lot of her time teaching digital concepts and data. Most of her professional career has been abroad. She founded her first company May & Barrow in Stockholm  focused on data, analytics and online strategy in Stockholm after a couple of years working for Google in Silicon Valley and Dublin. Before that she spend time working in PR in New York. She comes from a background in traditional media – having worked at Berlingske Media in Business Development and with a background in Media Science. Today her focus is on entrepreneurship, digital business developement and organizational change, transformation and opportunities.

Why More Institute?

“More Institute are about creating the role models we never had ourselves. The mantra is ‘More’, and this is where the change starts. I believe all members are strong role models for a new generation of ambitious females, who have aspirations to make it all the way up to the very top of a company.”


M.Sc. in Business Economics and Organizational Communication, Copenhagen Business School.
B.A. in Media Science, Aarhus University.
Studies at MBA, National University of Singapore, Singapore



Group Head of Marketing for New Look Retailers


+44 7557 030 199


Based out of London since 2010, where she currently functions as Group Head of Marketing for New Look Retailers, a fast fashion retailer with a wide global presence (over 1000 stores, available in 23 countries). Michelle is responsible for all international marketing, here among the recent expansion into China and Poland. Prior to New Look Michelle worked for Unilever, one of the worlds leading FMCG companies, where she started as a part of Unilever’s Graduate Management Programme. Her experience within Unilever spans across functions within Brand Building, Project Management, Brand Strategy Integration and Product Development in various countries in Europe and brands (Lipton, Knorr, Ben & Jerry’s) .

Michelle grew up abroad in among other Germany and Bahrain, from 1992-2000, but has taken her higher education in Denmark. More time abroad was spent in among others 2003-2004 where she functioned as travel guide in France, Croatia and Italy. On a personal level Michelle has in the last years become a dedicated wine enthusiast with an Advanced WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) degree from London, which goes quite well with her love and passion for great food and company.

Why More Institute?

An amazing network of truly ambitious and great women. All with a different edge, but with a clear will of wanting something more out of life. A forum where we challenge and support each other. By questioning choices and getting input you switch between subjective and objective, ensuring that you get a 360 understanding of your challenge. Quite frankly it’s a group of women who have the same dedication and will, and are willing to fight just as much for something as you – and it makes you feel understood.


M.Sc. in International Business, Copenhagen Business School.
B.Sc. in International Business & Service Management, Copenhagen Business School.B.Sc.
1 year basic Law from B.Sc. in Law, Copenhagen Business School.
Previous lower education from Hamburg, Berlin and Bahrain.



Business Development Manager at Egmont.


+45 2968 6920


Signe worked as a management consultant at Quartz+Co, where she built a strong set of analytical skills, and an understanding of a wide range of strategic issues. She has worked within numerous industries, with a recent focus on retail and energy. Besides developing a solid analytical toolbox, Signe has been very involved with developing the company’s junior consultant unit, as well as engaging in human resources, and acting as a mentor for students. Signe also has experience from several areas of the financial sector, through her previous employments. Through her studies in Hong Kong, London, and the US, she has developed a strong international network, and enjoys working in a cross-cultural environment.

Why More Institute?

“Because women who help each other in terms of reaching professional goals, are a surprisingly rare thing to come by. Surrounding yourself with people that push you beyond the point of just being good, ensures that you never settle for what is adequate. I pride myself on being part of an organization that constantly puts ambition at the front, and where we inspire one another to be better examples of a new generation of career-oriented females. In a group as diverse and inspirational as this, I particularly appreciate that lofty aspirations are not a hindrance for a grounded attitude, and strong desire to see each other succeed.”


M.Sc. Finance and Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
B.Sc. International Business, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Studies in finance, management and strategy at Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, USA, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Harvard University, USA



Senior Commercial Manager at DONG Energy


+45 9955 9032


Rikke holds experience from the biotech industry and energy sector, both in Denmark and internationally, where sustainable solutions always have been a recurring motif. First, as a project manager for a business plan competition emphasising sustainable competitive solutions, and from consulting Danish companies on business development in Asia and Africa at the Confederation of Danish Industries (DIBD).
Later, Rikke joined Novozymes where she worked with sustainability and business development in India and South Africa, besides Denmark. Currently, Rikke works with renewable energy sources in the Offshore Wind industry at DONG Energy Denmark.

Why More Institute?

”More Institute offer a unique forum where like-minded female high performers can share career aspirations, experiences and new ideas. Being a part of More Institute constantly challenges my personal boundaries of what is considered acceptable and possible in regards to my professional career, and the public discourse on gender equality in the workplace. I especially find the emphasis on including male professionals in the discussion about changing the existing social mindset to be crucial in moving forward.
It is my hope that More Institute can contribute to changing the current vocabulary about an ambitious woman away from being centered about gender stereotypes to addressing the essence, namely, embracing a broader pool of talent.”


M.Sc. in International Business, Copenhagen Business School.
B.Sc. in Business, Language & Culture, Copenhagen Business School.
Studies at Queen’s University, Canada and MBA courses at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), India.



Consultant at Maersk In-house Consulting (APMM Group)


+45 2744 7090


Sarah currently works as a consultant with A.P.Møller Mærsk Group, where she is engaged in the classic range of management consulting tasks across business units and countries. Before joining the Group, Sarah worked for Google in Dublin, where she specialized in business development and training for SMEs. As a student, Sarah was an active member of the student body and engaged in several case competitions, both as an organizer and as a participant herself, the most notable win being the national finals of KMPG’s International Case Competition in 2012, where her team advanced to the finals in Hong Kong. On the topic of aspiring young women, Sarah has written freelance for the Harvard Undergraduate Magazine “Women in Business – Make it Happen” and for the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore.

Why More Institute?

“Because being part of group where no aspiration is too high, pushes you to reach even higher, challenge the existing and never settle. Too many women step down before they reach the top and if More Institute can be an outlier to that trend, for me personally it will be mission accomplished.”


M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School, 2013
B.Sc. International Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School, 2010
Studies abroad at Singapore Management University (Fall 2009) and Cornell University’s MBA-program (Fall 2012), currently ranked #7 amongst US business schools.



Head of Digital Strategy, TV2 Denmark.


+45 30 100 345


Sarah-Alice comes from a strong background within business development. She has developed strong analytical skills from her previous employments within the experience economy, the financial sector and most recently as a management consultant. Today she is working as Head of Digital Strategy at TV 2 Denmark, utilizing her strategic skills to shape the future of media. Sarah-Alice aspires to be a rolemodel and spokesperson for females looking for business opportunities. In this respect she is a chosen mentor for a student with a consulting aspiration.

Why More Institute?

“More Institute is an invaluable forum for ambitious women and men who share a deep interest for networking and the development of equal rights in a professional setting. To me, More Institute fills the void that exists in the transition from higher education to a professional business life. By highlighting challenges and opportunities emerging from this gap I hope that we can help to change both the current discourse and move the underlying social norms in favor of highly skilled female performers”.


M.Sc. in Finance & Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School.
B.Sc. in Business Administration & Psychology, Copenhagen Business School.
Studies at Stern School of Business, New York University and MBA courses at ParisTech, MBA ENPC International School of Management.



Consultant at Bain & Company.


+45 5299 0590


Sophie works with strategy consulting at Bain & Company. Before joining Bain, Sophie has had various student positions involving strategy formulation at the Boston Consulting Group, Royal Embassy of Denmark in Singapore, Nykredit Bank and has obtained operational experience through her position as the Chairman of the board of directors at the SL Foundation.

Throughout her studies, Sophie has been an actively engaged student. Besides working as a tutor, she has founded several non-profit projects and was elected to represent her fellow students in the study board and in International case competitions.

Why More Institute?

“The immense need for an ambitious network for young women appeared crystal clear to me after I started university and realized that initially both women and men have the same opportunities. Yet, the outcome for women (as demonstrated in both Danish and International statistics) is different. The symbolic thought of a patriarchy, as that described in the media, seemed obscure when it is obvious that already on a university level, female students themselves create and accept limitations. Fundamentally, More Institute don’t believe in waiting for change, they are making the change.”


Stud. M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School.
B.Sc. in  International Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School.
Studies in International Economics, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Studies in Mathematical Finance, Gender Studies, Strategic Management, French Politics and Economics, Université Paris Dauphine, France.