More Institute

More Institute


More Institute is an exclusive network for young and talented female professionals. The institute focuses on advancing individual professional development.



‘More’ is the DNA of the institute. It is the brand essence. ‘More’ means energy, inspiration, passion and more always seeks to become more. ‘More’ tries harder and achieves results. More also seeks to obtain even more competent females to lean in for executive posts.

‘Institute’ is because it isn’t just a classic network. The members strengthen each other, serve as mentors to other females and arrange workshops with external sources of knowledge. The institute uses its platform to host conferences focusing on female talent management. At the moment, the institute is also writing a book.



Currently, the number of members is 13.

Membership is offered by invitation only.

More Institute was founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, originally under the name ’Female Navigators’.

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