Power, positioning and gender – challenges about change!

Power, positioning and gender – challenges about change!

How do you position yourself as a female? What are your ambitions and how can you fulfil your goals in a way that constitute the good life?

According to the French philosopher Michel Foucault (1926-1984) power is related to the way we construct ourselves as an individual in relation to other people. The modern power lies within the dominant discourses – the norms and values that we all are a part of constructing in our society.

We are responsible of the way we speak about ourselves and thereby the narrative we construct. The construction of identity is a process, which is determined by the relations and how we speak about ourselves, because it is not only affecting the way that we live our life – but it affects the options and possibilities for other females.

A general assumption is that not everything is possible and to see all the problems instead of seeing the options. Not everything is possible, but to reach for the stars makes a lot more possible!

Being a leader means taking responsibility – for your actions, values and the decisions that you make. The power of leadership lies not only within top management, but in the way that you choose to live your life.

The dominant discourse can be deconstructed by everyone, which is my point and my contribution to the debate about female leadership – not only within career, but in all aspects of live. The dominant norms and values that control our lives should not be taking in passively.

Learning from philosophy, I find it very important to deconstruct the discourses about being an ambitious female in the modern society. Deconstruction is connected to change. The importance of changing the values and norms is connected to a way to understand the opportunities we have as an individual.

The awareness about power, positioning and gender is fundamental in order to create change. The challenge is to create a change that not only change the way one person live their life – but a change that will lead to deconstruction of the dominant discourse about female leadership in the modern society.
Don´t wait for change – be the change!

Ida Winberg Hemmingsen

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