More Institute is an exclusive network for ambitious female professionals. The institute focuses on advancing individual professional development.


‘More’ is the DNA of the institute. It is the brand essence. ‘More’ means energy, inspiration, passion and more always seeks to become more. ‘More’ tries harder and achieves results. More also seeks to obtain even more competent females to lean in for executive posts.

‘Institute’ is because it isn’t just a classic network. The members strengthen each other, serve as mentors to other females and arrange workshops with external sources of knowledge. The institute uses its platform to host conferences focusing on female talent management. At the moment, the institute is also writing a book.


Currently, the number of members is 13. Membership is either by invitation, or you can send a motivated application.

More Institute was founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, originally under the name ’Female Navigators’.



Account Director at Wunderman
+45 2024 5092


Online Project Manager at Mannaz
+45 6022 1102


Client Service Director at UncleGrey
+45 2221 9182


Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Operations Excellence
+45 22928116


Ghost writer, journalist and book advisor at Skriveværkstedet.
+ 45 4160 1062


Consultant at Bain & Company.
+45 5299 0590


Independent Consultant and Advisor in Digital Strategy
+45 28 53 66 33


Group Head of Marketing for New Look Retailers
+44 7557 030 199


Business Development Manager at Egmont.
+45 3036 4584


Senior Commercial Manager at DONG Energy
+45 9955 9032


Consultant at Maersk In-house Consulting (APMM Group)
+45 2744 7090


Head of Digital Strategy, TV2 Denmark.
+45 30 100 345




In More Institute we view mentoring as an invaluable way to share knowledge and reflections, with ambitious individuals. We are a group of fourteen young females, typically with 2-5 years of professional experience, who have all recently been faced with the challenges and dilemmas that come with starting out ones career. We offer to support, challenge, and guide the decisions you are faced with in relations to your studies and/or career. Topics may include; choice of industry, interview preparation, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, or any other career challenges.


If you are chosen for the programme, you will be matched with one of our board members on the basis of education, professional experience, and your motivation for applying. Expectations, meeting format, and potential topics are agreed upon directly with your mentor. The mentoring sessions can take place by phone, Skype or in-person, and you are guaranteed at least four meeting within the following year.


If you want a chance to join our mentoring programme, please send your CV and a short 
application where you include: your motivations for seeking a mentor, a description of the challenges you would like sparring on, and what you would like to get out of the programme. You are also welcome to indicate your preference for a specificmentor, amongst our fourteen members.

Please submit your application to:

If you have any questions regarding the mentor programme, please contact Ida Winberg Hemmingsen, Signe Læssøe or Lola Bruun Jørgensen.

You can read more info and choose a mentor here.

You can also read more about what other mentees have learned during our mentor programme:
I have learned to believe more in myself and my abilities, and generally be less skeptical. In addition, I have learned to have a more structured approach to things, for example. job search, networking and general operations”.
Strong positive attitude toward future: for instance, I will always set ambitious goals for myself, reach them, and set others (…)

The key benefit for me has been to have someone objective to speak to. I have learned to take a step back and re-assess my situation with objective eyes. I have also learned to look at all options before making a decision which means that I feel much more comfortable about the choices I make”.

It was good to get some specific tools for the different processes I went through, and it was nice to get a different angle on things”.